Beyond beautiful skin.

Who we are?

SHE-Y is an Italian luxury brand that combines cutting-edge cosmetic technology and unique natural components from around the globe to manufacture premium beauty and wellness products. At SHE-Y, we make it our priority to consider the origin of our ingredients, and future developments and sustainability of the environment they come from. Because we believe that true beauty is not just on the outside, SHE-Y stands out for its commitment to nature, its integrity for quality, and artisanal processing, which are the veritable pillars of our philosophy. Our exclusive products include high-quality Grade A Shea Butter from Ghana and other rich and precious ingredients processed in the best laboratories in Italy. Raw materials are bought at higher-than-average prices, which helps to create more job opportunities for women in the Shea Butter production industry, enabling them to make livable wages to support their families. Furthermore, 10% of SHE-Y product sales profit is used to finance the Menaye School Of Hope, providing free education to children in Ghana.

What we do?

SHE-Y has created an exclusive range of top-quality products characterized by elegance and the awareness of the importance of natural elements.

The SHE-Y Body Cream and SHE-Y Body Scrub formula are based on a high concentration of Shea Butter (18%) with hyaluronic acid and Dermocea, a mixture of extracts of precious Senegalese algae increasing the synthesis of collagen and preventing its degradation: a perfectly designed blend that ensures visible results and is available with the natural aroma of raw Shea Butter, or in three warm, intense fragrances: Black Orchid, Olive and Praline. Presented in a range of fragrances that include: Sweet Musk, Fresh Coconut, Eucalyptus, or the simple aroma of Shea Oil, SHE-Y Body Oil soothes, protects ,and nourishes all skin types with its all-natural formula blending Shea Oil with seven other precious oils.

The Founder


Born in Toronto, Canada, as the youngest of 7 children, Menaye Donkor has deep African roots that have always played a key role in her life. Brought up by her parents in Accra, Ghana, she received there her primary education and graduated with honors in Marketing at York University in Toronto, Canada.

After winning Miss Universe Ghana in 2004, Menaye pursued a career in modeling and moved to New York City, where she graced the covers of numerous magazines – a successful professional experience that enabled her to cast a large web of social and business contacts.

Shey by Menaye Donkor

An active philanthropist, Menaye has worked tirelessly for over a decade to improve the lives of women and children in Ghana through the Menaye Charity Organization. In 2004, the organization established the Menaye School of Hope, which provides free quality basic education and scholarships to rural underprivileged children in Ghana. She is solely responsible for raising funds to support the school, and her objective is to build a Menaye School of Hope in each of the 10 Ghana regions. She has also worked with over 600 Ghanaian children living with, or affected by, HIV/AIDS.

In September 2012, Menaye was chosen by the Chief and elders of Agona Asafo, in the Central Region of Ghana, to be the ‘Nkosuohemaa’ or ‘Development Queen’ of Agona Asafo. Her official name for this prestigious title is Nanahemaa Menaye Afumade Afrakoma I and signifies her global responsibility to her people as well as her contributions to society.

She took keen interest in helping solve societal challenges which birth her personal hygiene brand Sincerëly By Menaye. The brand provides quality and easily accessible menstrual hygiene products with affordable pricing and personal hygiene education for all women. With each purchase of Sincerëly Sanitary Pad, the brand gives an underprivileged girl child access to quality sanitary products through its Sister 2 Sister project.

A happily married mother of two, Menaye continues her tireless commitment to giving back to her homeland.